Kitchen tip: Measuring spoons


For years I suffered from the curse of the hard-to-find measuring spoons. You know what I mean. Either you keep a set of them around a loop, like a set of keys on a key chain, which creates all kinds of issues because while you use one of them, the other dangle unhelpfully or all of them get dirty at the same time. Or you separate them and keep them in a drawer with a bunch of other stuff, so when your hands are covered in flour and you need to find that half-tablespoon measure, you need to touch every single thing in the drawer to find the right measuring spoon.

So here’s a tip. Take all of your measuring spoons and put them spoon-side up in a mug or glass. Whenever you want to bake or cook, take the mug and put it on the countertop. That way, all of them are available at once and easily identifiable.

Oh and, by the way, those silve measuring spoons in the photo? They are unconventional ones: a two-teaspoon, a one-and-half-tablespoon, and a two-tablespoon one. Steve gave them to me one Christmas and I use them constantly.

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